Patricia Duarte(non-registered)
I stopped by to check out your work. Beautiful images I must say. Looking forward to working with you!
Ms. Lizz(non-registered)
It was an absolute pleasure working with you. As a model working in this business we try to find and treasure the people that seem to really support our art as well as respect it and I feel I found that in you. Thank you so much for those still shots they're fantastic I look forward to seeing them on your website as well. I'm in LA filming a pilot and will be in Sacramento next week I'll give you a call and see if we can play with some body shots one of these days. You and your wife are lovely and I will be promoting you guys anytime I'm in Sacramento have a wonderful day Anthony thanks again!!! Lizzie
Charlie Girl (JenniferHogaboam)(non-registered)
Working with Anothony was amazing. The great
ambiance he provides for the shoot definitely helped with thee models getting in the mood. His energy while shooting was contagious. He knows exactly what to to make every shot count. His quick turnaround of proofs to go over was more than reasonable. While working with him, it was a true pleasure to see the love and passion for what he does. I was overall extattic with the process ok working switch him. Anthony is truly a genius .
Shannon Seal(non-registered)
Great shoot with Tony last weekend! The photos cane out amazing and he deserves all the credit with his ideas and concepts. We plan to work together to perfect my book and help both he and I take the next steps in our careers!! Thank you Tony!!
Joslyne Chapman(non-registered)
Working with Anthony was a pleasure. I will be shooting with him again the first opportunity I get. LA is a 6 hour drive for me, but two days of shooting, with a set of 6 different looks made every moment we spent together completely worth it. We booked our shoot a month ahead of time, having most of it planned out beforehand. Once arriving, I had a front parking spot which led right up to his perfect studio, equipped with office, restroom, and a large studio. He had costumes, and accessories for models to use. Having a rest room fully supplied was quite a treat. I have had many the uncomfortable situation where the photographer expects you to change but does not provide an area. Anthony has the perfect set up to accommodate models of any experience level. Anthony himself had an outstanding energy, which made working with him so much fun. He was easy to get along with and offered helpful suggestions. His is 100% a true professional. His wife was so adorable! Once our shoot was over it was difficult to leave simply because they were such great company. It was a comfortable and creative atmosphere. And not to mention the speed at which he returned the images. His raw unedited images looked like some of the photos I have gotten back from previous photographers, so when I received the fully edited photos I was in aww. His editing abilities are incredible. I seriously have magazine quality photos, where the image looks perfect and I am showing off my best assets.

Anthony you were wonderful I cannot wait to work with you again!
Thank you so much. Much love, Joslyne
Cat E.(non-registered)
This was my first time doing a photo shoot and although it wasn't easy for me since I am an amateur, I have to say it still was a lot of fun. Anthony and Renee were both so nice, patient, efficient and helped me through the whole experience. The studio was professional and clean, and there were a lot of accessories and clothes to play around with. My retouches were available in just a few days and my family and friends were very impressed. I am incredibly happy with this experience and with the amazing results. Thank you Anthony!
I love these guys sooo much! An absolute joy to work with. Professional, helpful, kind, they make you feel at home in their studio. Speaking of the studio it is beAUtiful and chock full of fun things to play with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! I would love to work woth them again. I had blast and we made beautiful photos. Thank you!
Delila Santos
Working with Anthony was such a joy! Clean, professional studio time with a wonderful artist. Open minded and great at giving direction! I had such a pleasent experience that I can hardly wait to work with him again!!! This studio had it all, wonderful lighting, amazing backdrops, and props on props on props, with plenty of accesories to go around! I'm so happy with all of the results, I leave my highest recommendation for Captivity Photoworks!
Angelica Gomez(non-registered)
Working with Anthony and his wife was a real treat! Like many others I had reservations with working with photographers, but I can honestly say Anthony was extremely professional, welcoming, insightful, and passionate about his work. The techniques I learned from Anthony and his wife about posing and shooting is invaluable. The studio includes all kinds of props, clothing, accessories, backgrounds, lighting, cameras, to really liven up a shoot! Anthony has an eye for photography and brings the best of his clients. I am a novice at posing, but he definitely taught me how to be comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. I am delighted with the results.
Nadine gemma(non-registered)
I have just moved to L.A. On my own by myself at age 45. I am in the beginnings of recreating myself and my life. This first photo shoot experience with Anthony for Me, was so special, safe, professional, educational, empowering for my spirit and soul. Most importantly, Anthony set the Bar very high for me! Very very grateful for this having been my first experience. After working with Anthony in a professional studio, I immediately canceled the other two shoots I had set up through onemodelplace. I honestly explained to the other photographers that I will now not shoot with anyone whom doesn't have a legit address, studio and website! Please take my word on this young or old ladies. I've already gone through the nervousness for you all . I am a mother of two lovely daughters and this is the exact advise I've given to them after my experience. I was entering the world of the unknown but, by the graces of God, I instantly felt comforted and relieved when Anthony and I made that first connection. I felt like I had known him already. I look forward to working with Anthony again. He's intense, eccentric, professional and talented. Characteristics of a person that I prefer to surround myself with. In spirit, Nadine
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